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Book two in the Daniel Kendrick series, 'TWISTED OBSESSION' 

is out now!

International Bestseller

Ruth Searle

His daughter's dead, his wife's gone missing and there's a serial killer on the run. Daniel Kendrick must face the truth - and there's no place to hide...


Struggling to come to terms with his daughter’s murder and on the verge of losing both his career and his marriage, surgeon, Daniel Kendrick realises his wife, a forensic psychiatrist has gone missing amid death threats and blood spattered at her clinic.


When he is wrongly suspected of her disappearance, and with a serial killer on the run near their home town, he is forced to begin his own investigation and is drawn into the world of her patients – criminals, murderers and psychopaths.


But when he discovers a dark secret, he is forced to confront his inner demons and finds himself in a desperate race against time to find his wife before a dangerous killer closes in on her.


An intense, emotional glimpse into the dark side of the mind…

Published by The Book Guild

Publication date 28th March 2023

Available from: 

The Book Guild    Waterstones    WH Smith   

Amazon UK  Amazon USA Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia & New Zealand  

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Book Cover. No Place to Hide

 Recommended by Love Reading

Exceptionally well written and researched – a proper page turner and one of the best books I have read in a long time.’ Love Reading; the UK’s leading book recommendation websites.

"Wowzer!!! This was one fantastic, edge of your seat, nail biting, hair raising read from beginning to end"

"This was raw, intense, and compelling read"

"Great conclusion."


"This author did a brilliant job. I look forward to more."


"A riveting psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat"

"Intense, creating a suspenseful atmosphere as the characters unravel their dark secrets."


"A relentless exploration of obsession and the haunting consequences of the past."


"Gripping, well written with plenty of intrigue. Can’t wait for the next book!"

"Twisty and gripping."

"Had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning."

"Wonderful real characters you can believe in."

"Mind blowing."


"That ending, though! Am I right?!"​

"A gem in the theme of British thrillers."

"This had everything I want in a thriller."

"I am so obsessed with this book!"

"So much suspense and good twists."

"Written by someone who knows altered persona."

"Can’t wait for the next on​e!"

"I didn't see that end coming."

"Hard to put down"

"Wow what a book!"

"This book was awesome!"

"Some crazy twists and turns!"

"Unexpected twists and turns."

"Intrigued? Wait until you read what happens next!"

"Kept me glued to my Kindle."

"Highly recommend reading this book and series."

"Fast pace and nicely balanced."

"Cleverly written."

"The plot is cleverly woven."

"Classic British thriller."

"A satisfying ending."

"Look forward to the second instalment."

"I couldn't put it down."

"Would definitely recommend this!"

"Can’t wait to read the next book from this author!"

Available from: 

The Book Guild    Waterstones    WH Smith   

Amazon UK  Amazon USA Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia & New Zealand  

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Signed Copies

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