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Book 2 in the Daniel Kendrick series


Ruth Searle

His life’s a mess, his wife’s betrayed him and he’s being framed for murder. Daniel Kendrick must find the killer before he loses everything…

After three months in prison on remand for killing the psychopath that murdered his baby, surgeon Daniel Kendrick is finally acquitted and returns to work. However, his life once again spirals into a harrowing nightmare when he is ensnared in a twisted game of deception and betrayal.

Framed by a sadistic serial killer for the chilling deaths of two of his own patients, Daniel finds himself in a desperate race against time to find the real killer. But in his pursuit of the truth, things take a dark turn when he exposes a horrifying illegal underworld of human body trafficking.

In the second in the Daniel Kendrick series, Daniel must stop the ruthless perpetrators before he loses his wife, his career and his next patient.

A dark psychological thriller...


Published by The Book Guild

Publication date 28th April 2024

Available from: 

The Book Guild    Waterstones    WH Smith   

Amazon UK   

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Early reviews...

"A fantastic piece of writing."

"Takes the series to a whole new level."

"A gripping psychological thriller."

"Suspensful pacing and skillful character development."

"A page-turning read."

"Skillfully explores the depths of human obsession, greed and guilt."

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