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Ruth's Artist Statement 

My art explores the connection I have with nature and animals…

​My recent work explores nature through abstract paintings on natural materials, including reclaimed Welsh slate and rustic wood. I choose colours that reflect natural elements such as copper, silver, gold and the blues and greens of the natural world, with hints of vibrant sunsets. I love the freedom of creativity when working in abstracts - it contrasts with the more detailed work I've done previously, although I always enjoy painting and drawing animals.​When I create a picture of an animal, I start with the eyes of my subject. When we look into the eyes of another being, we see their soul. I love the feeling of connection I have when I paint and draw animals. Animals and nature are my greatest passion in life. Whether I am drawing the many animals I’ve been close to or representing nature through my abstracts, I feel connected to my subjects through my art. I’ve sold my whale paintings around the world to fund my humpback whale research. I’ve exhibited my art from boats in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the Senedd in Cardiff – home of the Welsh Assembly government. I've exhibited in the Caribbean, Tonga and the UK and undertaken commissions for charity cards and painted for elephant conservation projects – I was even involved in a project with an elephant artist. Now I sell my art online and from my studio in Monmouthshire. ​

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