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A Letter From Daniel Kendrick

Sometimes the characters want a voice of their own,

so I've let Daniel talk to you himself...

Hello readers,

I'm Daniel Kendrick, a surgeon at Riverbeke General Hospital, and I need your help.

I thought my troubles were over following the events that happened in ‘No Place to Hide’. But peace was fleeting. After the brutal murder of our six-month-old daughter, Sophie, my wife, Fay, a forensic psychiatrist, completely vanished. I found blood splatters at her clinic, and with a serial killer on the loose, an icy fear clawed at me. I was desperate to find her.

The police had me down as a suspect thanks to a so-called friend and her malicious lies, so I was forced into a desperate search for Fay. It was then I found myself drawn into the world of Fay’s patients – criminals, murderers and psychopaths.

I became increasingly worried. I was frantic to find her – and quickly. I almost had a lead.


But I can hardly tell you about that horrific incident. It was too awful to contemplate…

I was in despair. Desperate to find my beautiful wife and then it happened. A life-changing twist in the plot. I wish I hadn’t but once I discovered that dark and deadly secret, there was no going back. I found myself in a bleak and desperate place, yet I had no choice but to go on.

My quest to save Fay plunged me into a nightmare, battling against time and a ruthless killer's race to find her first.

I can’t even begin to tell you how it all ended…

Then, just when I thought my life was returning to some sort of normality, I’ve now found myself at the heart of a chilling new medical thriller, ‘Twisted Obsession’.

Once again, my life is spiralling into another harrowing nightmare. I’ve found myself becoming ensnared by a callous murderer in a twisted game of deception and betrayal. I’m being framed for the horrifying deaths of my own patients at the hospital.

I have no choice but to find the real killer before I lose everything – my wife, my career and my next patient…

But I have a gut feeling that there’s an awful lot more to this sinister tale. The twists in the plot turn like a knife in my back both at work and at home. A web of secrets and betrayal is threatening to consume everything I hold dear.

In the shadows of Riverbeke General, where the sterile smell of antiseptic should promise safety, someone is playing a cruel game where the stakes are life and death.

Who can I trust when someone sworn to protect life harbours secrets capable of ending innocent lives without mercy.

And Fay, the woman I love, my wife. We’ve survived so much together, yet am I losing her too? I can sense her slipping away, her mind shattered by the grief of losing our beautiful daughter. I guess only time will tell.

But that’s not all. My life has become a desperate race against time as events take an even darker turn. I am beginning to uncover what looks like a horrifying illegal underworld of human body brokering. With each turn of the page, the tension tightens like a noose. This is my reality now, and I must stop these evil perpetrators.


I have to.

‘Twisted Obsession’ isn’t just a book. It’s a journey into the darkest depths of human obsession, greed, and guilt.

As I unravel layers of betrayal and deceit, the question remains—can I survive this Twisted Obsession, or will I be its next victim?

Join me in this spine-chilling drama and help me piece together the clues before it’s too late.  Come with me on this journey – if you dare – and let’s uncover the truth together.

But be warned – once you start, there’ll be no turning back.

Are you ready to face your fears?

Yours truly,

Daniel Kendrick

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