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Well, what a great book tour! Thanks so much to Zooloo's Book Tours! Zoe is so professional and organised! I will certainly be back to her for another tour with the next in the series, Shadows of Betrayal. 


Lots of book bloggers took part and left amazing reviews for both books. Thanks so much everyone - it means a lot to me to know what readers think of my work. I'm very much encouraged to keep going with the series. In fact book 3 is finished and I'm starting to plan book 4, so watch this space...

Review highlights from the Tour

Book Bloggers


No Place to Hide

Right from the first page, it was just non-stop.
One minute, Daniel and his wife are having a heated argument of the murder of their baby daughter.
Next thing Daniels wife has gone missing, with her things still at work, where she's a forensic psychiatrist.
Panic starts to set I even more when Daniel finds blood in her office.
Meanwhile, we are following a number of other murders going on nearby. It's a race against time from Daniel. Can he figure out where she is and what happened.

It was honestly such an addictive read, I found myself glued with eyes bulging, trying to find out the conclusion.
I loved how it all came together smoothly.
I have to say I can only imagine how scary it must be having the job Daniels wife, Fay has. 😨 Although it must be interesting at the same time.
I thought it was a brilliant book, and I highly recommend it.


Twisted Obsession

This is a follow own from the book a review a couple of days ago, No Place To Hide.
I loved this one more than the first, probably because after reading the first one, I'm more familiar with the back story and the characters and personalities.
Daniel.....poor bloke just can't catch a break, can he.
But I admire that he is always so eager with a hands-on approach to solving things before it becomes too late.
Just like the first book, this was just as gripping, a real page turner. Just when you think things are starting to get handled, something more shocking is thrown into the mix. I was 100% invested
Absolutely brilliant books, highly recommend both of them.



No Place to Hide

A superb read, it is quite a different layout of story. There are some dark places in it, but at the same time, it is gripping and extremely thrilling. It is hard to review this book, as I don’t want to give spoilers.
Let’s say I was completely blown away by this book, you literally experience the rollercoaster of surprise. I cannot wait for the next instalment.

Twisted Obsession

I am loving these books by this author, she can create a phenomenal story. This is the follow on to book one, so you really need to read the first book.
This book is top notch suspense, at times this has far more tension that was in book one.
This is a lot darker, a lot more complex in the medical field. I enjoyed the characters, I just wish Daniel could catch a break, poor guy.
I would have walked away years ago to be honest.
Quite a few times, I held my breath because reading this is really nerve wracking.
I absolutely loved the book, I enjoyed the characters and the plot. I’m literally excited for what is to come from this author.


No Place to Hide

Twisted Obsession


No Place to Hide

This was a real slow burn story with us seeing the events from the past and present unfold gradually.
We follow the story from different pov's and timelines, but this really works well to build the layers and the tension.
We also get more insight into each character as the events progress and it was good to see how they work and what their jobs entailed.

The characters were well presented and developed throughout the book and the storyline was intriguing and super twisty.
Every time I thought I had some clue as the what was going on, there'd be another twist to throw me back to square one!
And let's not even talk about the ending! I definitely didn't see that coming at all!

I'm actually really pleased that I didn't find this book when it was released, because now I can dive straight on in to book 2 and see where this journey takes us next!

Twisted Obsession

I actually spotted this book first and thought it sounded great! But of course I just had to grab book 1 first to read in order and you can read my review of No Place To Hide which I posted a couple of days ago.

This book follows on nicely from where we left off in the first and we see Daniel struggling to cope with prison life awaiting his acquittal - although we still aren't sure whether this will happen.

Having read book 1 only a few weeks ago, I fell straight back into this with no problem at all.

I can't really talk about plot beyond the very beginning because there would be way too many spoilers, but I loved the way that there were a fair few plots running around underneath the main story arc.
The author weaves these together perfectly and the tension really ramps up as we follow each thread to its conclusion.

Once again the ending was a shock! I had a few theories throughout, but still didn't manage to work this out or see how this would come together for those final few chapters.

I really felt for the characters throughout this book, although it was hard to really fully connect due to nature of what was going on.
I think this was meant to be and possibly enhanced the darkness of the plot for me. Definitely had me on edge as I sped my way through the pages.

Another great read and definitely an author I'd read more of.


No Place to Hide

A raw intense and compelling read, all I can say is Wowza! The beginning is like a puzzle where you have to put all the pieces together from the characters to the events. Once you get all the pieces together in your mind which doesn't take long, it turns into a brutal and honest ride. The main emotion I felt was empathy for the two main characters who have endured the unimaginable event of having their six month old daughter killed. I had no ill feelings towards them for wanting revenge. It's not a easy one to read but I was utterly mesmerised from beginning to end!

Twisted Obsession

I rated the first book in the series highly and I had my doubts that this one would be as good but I can say without a doubt it far exceeded my expectations and is even better! I am well and truly hooked on the Daniel Kendrick books and I am going to go on the lookout and see what other books this author has written as I love her style. Daniel has finally been acquitted for murdering the man who killed his baby. Daniel is looking forward to getting back to work as a surgeon but more killings and shady dealings are forecasted for Daniel. The plot has a few things happening that are and aren't related. It made it a thrilling and hectic read. I did get quite frustrated because I couldn't work out who the killer was and it ended up being the person who I first suspected but had written off. I enjoyed the hospital setting and hope it will continue in the future books.


No Place to Hide

This was an intriguing read and one that I enjoyed. It was intense and there was a serial killer on the run. Daniel’s wife, Faye, was receiving death threats and is now missing, their marriage hadn’t been great since their daughter had been murdered. This is a good read and a very interesting story that includes people just out of prison. The author has done some research as it covers several different topics so it makes for an interesting read. The plotting and strategy is great whereas the writing is good. I’m looking forward to my next read by this author.

Twisted Obsession

I got into this book virtually straight away when the author described the killer watching their victim dying from a lethal injection. That had me hooked and the book got better from there. Some of the murders were described in detail and Daniel’s incarceration was, also, detailed. It was interesting as it showed detailed research had been done into prison detention and the medical side of things. I loved this book to bits, there was so much to it as I found I couldn’t put it down and I was very invested in the story of Dr Daniel Kendrick and his wife. The writing is terrific and the descriptive writing is first class as so much is explained to you, it’s great. The medical knowledge is fabulous. The plotting is fantastic and really keeps you gripped throughout the book. I enjoyed this book more than I did book one. I hope we get more of this series and that there is another book to follow this one.


No Place to Hide

Not only is No Place to Hide the first in a promising new series by Searle, it's also her debut into the thriller world!

And what a fantastic job she's done, I loved the book and I'm so excited to be on the forthcoming tour for book two, Twisted Obsession.

It's a slow burning thriller that slowly builds with the turn of every page. It's twisty and suspenseful, with an ending that will leave you shooketh.

Told across dual timelines Searle takes us on a wild ride, allowing us to piece together the before and after of the day when his wife goes missing.

Daniel Kendrick is our main protagonist and will be the main recurring character throughout the series. He's such an enigmatic character, but definitely one to emotionally invest in.

I really enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it.

I now need a moment to allow my pulse to settle down.

Twisted Obsession

So here we are, book two in the Daniel Kendrick series. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read 1 and 2 back to back whilst the storyline was still fresh in my mind.

Follow up books are often a bit hit and miss, but I can safely say that Searle knocked it out of the park and the second book is just as good, if not better than the first.

Packed with full on drama, suspense and an intense plot, Twisted Obsession seamlessy takes up from where we left No Place to Hide.

Daniel is looking to get his life and career back on track, whilst
Fay is struggling with her psychosis. I do love a dark, twisty thriller, don't you?

Engrossing, entertaining and highly enjoyable.

Would I recommend, absolutely!!

Many thanks to Zooloo's Book Tours for my tour spot.


No Place to Hide

No Place to Hide is a dark, twisty thriller that keeps you on your toes. Daniel Hendrick isn't doing so well. He's recently lost his daughter at the hands of a murderer and his career and marriage are both starting to fail (understandably under the circumstances). When his wife suddenly goes missing and blood is found at her clinic, Daniel is suspected of murder by investigators. Daniel realises he can only depend on himself to find her and slips into the darkness of the world in which his wife's patients live (murderers, criminals, and psychopaths) and try to save her before it's too late.
This book was really well written, considering it covered several storielines that blend into each other across the course of the story. The plot was well thought out, the characters were believable, and the tension was fantastic from start to finish. I had to remind myself this was a debut, and I'm really looking forward to reading more from this author.

Twisted Obsession

Twisted Obsession is the second book in the No Place to Hide series and starts off straight from where book one left us. I would read these books in order to understand the plot and occurances to avoid confusion.
Daniel is struggling - now locked up behind bars for killing the person who killed his daughter. When his acquitted and allowed to return to his job, his nightmare deepens. He's been framed by the serial-killer for the deaths of two of his patients and ends up in a game of cat and mouse, racing against the clock to cleat his name and uncover the real killer. What this uncovers is a chilling dark path into an underbelly of human body trafficking and any one of his patients could be next. His marriage is still on the rocks, and everything is slipping through his fingers at every turn.
This was such a fast-paced page turner that ensnared you from the start, just like book one, and I flew through the chapters wanting to discover not only the killer but what would happen next.


No Place to Hide

No Place to Hide in Book 1 in the Daniel Kendrick Series. Daniel Kendrick and his wife Faye have had their daughter abducted. Imagine the emotional turmoil this would put on a marriage. Then his wife, Faye, goes missing after a disagreement and Daniel is in a tailspin. His is a suspect and there is a serial killer involved. Daniel and Faye are deeply immersed into their hometown and he must figure out what is going on for himself before he ends up being wrongly accused.
This is a slow burn with multiple storylines, but Searle weaves them perfectly together with her background knowledge and well researched topics. As soon as I finished No Place To Hide, I NEEDED Twisted Obsession…. BRB …. Gotta read!

Twisted Obsession

This is Book 2 in the Daniel Kendrick series. While this could be read alone, I would suggest reading No Place to Hide so that you can watch Daniel’s character grow and get all the background information on him, Faye and other characters – serial killer included. I was lucky enough to read these back-to-back and for me that pushes the urge to move forward. This was a non-stop read for me.

Book 2 is much darker. People are not who they seem to be. Murder, mental illness and intense hold your breath moments will propel you through the pages. The characters in this are easy to connect with. Prepare to be empathetic with Fay and want to ring Daniel’s neck. The author makes you feel like you are part of the story and that you know them or understand them.
While Daniel pursues who put him in jail, he uncovers a horrifying illegal underworld that is relentless. There are several pieces to this book and they will all come together. Hang on!


No Place to Hide

No Place to Hide was a gripping thriller with several different storylines that Searle manages to weave together and keep you hooked. I have to say surprisingly I preferred Daniel to Fay as characters but that was just me. I think this ties heavily to the fact that Searle is incredibly good at creating characters who are believable. I would say personally I found this to be character driven which again is something I enjoy.

The writing is another thing I enjoyed. The pace was slightly slow in places but it suited the narrative and I found it helped build the tension since I wanted to know what was happening and it made sense to the plot. This was helped in part by the writing which is easy enough to follow but gripping and imaginative.

I really liked the twists and turns and atmosphere of this one and I can’t wait to review Twisted Obsession by Searle too. If you enjoy twisty thrillers with a lot of smaller storylines that all weave together this is for you.

Twisted Obsession

Wow what a read. I loved No Place to Hide by Searle and I have to say Twisted Obsession was perhaps even better. It’s hard to review the plot in depth or should I say plots because there are so many twists and turns and interconnecting storylines that I am sure I would give something away. Needless to say Searle does it yet again. She manages to weave all these storylines together in a plot that keeps you hooked and guessing throughout.

The writing is brilliant because it’s easy to follow and flows rather well so you can quickly read along or take a slower approach depending on what you feel like at the time. Daniel is back and I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him with all he goes through but Searle makes his struggles believable and what’s more makes him react in a generally sensible fashion so it doesn’t break immersion.

If you love thrillers then you have to give this series a try. It can be a little dark with the subject matter but the author handles it well. The characters, even the unlikable ones, are generally well rounded and believable and all in all I really am enjoying the series so far. I just hope Daniel gets a bit of a break in the future!


No Place to Hide

What a dark and twisty tale...

I absolutely love the vivid splash of pink against the dark background of the artwork - it is very atmospheric.

The combination of artwork and blurb is what drew me to this one.

This story follows Daniel, who is a surgeon as he battles to locate his wife Fay after she goes missing, all while trying to come to terms with the death of their baby.

Needless to say, the trail to finding her is littered with twists, turns, and blood... Oh, and there's a serial K1ller on the run!

I feel this is a slow burn as it did take me time to get into it, but the wists and turns make up for this.

The characters are well rounded and extremely interesting to get to know... we see patients and also criminals, all wrapped up in a psychopath bow.

It was incredibly clever how Ruth built and developed these characters.

The actual format of the book also increases the thriller feels as with the short, sometimes snappy chapters you can feel the tension mounting!

A great start, and I can't wait to move onto Book 2!

Can you guess the killer?

Twisted Obsession

This is Book 2 of The Daniel Kendrick Series.

Book 2 is definitely a darker and twister tale than Book 1.

Once again, Ruth's artwork for her cover I absolutely on point - the black and white images with the vivid pink and white words is striking.

The story begins about 10 weeks after the events of Book 1 and starts with Daniel, who is in prison, awaiting trial while Fay remains at home, dealing with things in her own way.

We see life behind bars for poor Daniel, and it isn't fun for him. He is finally acquitted and returns home and to his job... only to THEN be framed for murder!

I mean, Daniel must be the unluckiest guy in the world!

I felt more invested in the characters in this book as the main ones we had already seen developing in book 1.

There are lots of twists and turns as usual and where you end up at the end isn't necessarily where you thought you'd be at the start of the book - Ruth has a special way of making you think you know the ending when in actual fact you don't.

Once again, Ruth's has favoured shorter chapters to build up the tension, and this really works!

I can't wait for Book 3!

If you love thrillers, then you really need to give this series a whirl!

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