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Helping Great Danes in need – in memory of Elsa.

By Ruth Searle.

I fell in love with Elsa when she was just five weeks old. She was the most beautiful little Blue Dane puppy I’d ever seen. I remember her gorgeous puppy smell, her soft, warm coat and those blue puppy eyes as they looked into mine. The breeder warned me she was the ‘runt’ of the litter and that her mother had accidently broken her little leg when she’d laid awkwardly on her – but I was hopelessly in love. She was to be my friend and companion and I just knew we were meant to be together. I couldn’t wait to see her again and three weeks later, I collected her and took her home. She met her adopted sister, Bonnie, a rescued Doberman, and her adopted cat sister, Sophie. They bonded straight away, and she was soon a very much-loved member of the family.

Elsa was the kindest, most gentle and loving dog you could ever meet. She had the most beautiful nature. She loved her walks in the country and we would often go to the beach. Elsa and Bonnie would play and run together along the sand, splashing through the waves.

Elsa had her own sofa at home and would often sleep with Sophie wrapped around her neck like a fluffy scarf. We had several other cats too, over the years, and they all loved to cuddle up to Elsa. She would lie stretched out on the sofa with her head on my lap and was such a big softie. Everyone who met her loved her.

I lost Bonnie first then Elsa a couple of years later. We had twelve wonderful years together before Elsa died of old age. She died peacefully in my arms hearing me tell her how much I loved her. I missed her so much and still do after all these years. She was such a beautiful soul. After she’d gone, my life had a giant Great Dane-shaped hole in it, yet I was reluctant to get another dog. Elsa and Bonnie were irreplaceable. So, I decided to start a pet-sitting service so I would always have a houseful of wonderful doggie friends. My life has always been shared with animals – and I still walk dogs and have my own four cats, rescued turkeys and hens.

Now, my first thriller has been published and the characters just had to include some family pets – a Great Dane, a Doberman and a cat (of course!). Then I had a brainwave – I could promote my book and help Great Danes in need by running a competition to find the ‘Face of Chester’, the Great Dane character in the story. I hope you will enter your Great Dane and help Great Danes in need. All you have to do is make a donation to NGDR and send us a photo of your superstar Great Dane.

Thank you so much for helping Great Danes in need.

Ruth x

Enter your Great Dane now. Closing date 31st July

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